About Arginta Group

Arginta Group is a group of companies, as of 2 July 2012 uniting 6 companies.


Competence areas

  • Water management projects
  • Renewable energy development
  • Metal processing services
  • Asset management



Arginta Group originates from the Lithuanian capital private limited company Arginta with the lifetime dating back to 1991. Promising ideas during over 20 years have grown into a big market leader and a very profitable company. The territory of the company has expanded as well: until 2007 Arginta occupied 1 500 m2 premises, whereas in 2012 Arginta Group already had 12 600 m2 industrial-administration premises, used by the companies of the Group and leased to the companies from the outside.



Rapid growth of the company also affected the activities: from 1991 Arginta has been engaged in metal processing, in 1995 the company launched the water improvement and waste management activities, whereas as of 2009 the company has undertaken another area – renewable energy. Metal processing, water management, and renewable energy today are equivalent competence areas of Arginta Group.


Present and future

One of the fundamental reasons of successful activities is the attempt to continually develop. The Group focuses on quality production and top-level services within metal processing, water management, as well as renewable energy.