Arginta / About us

Joint stock company „Arginta“ belongs to Arginta companies holding. Established in 1991.

Key facts about us:

  • Year 1991 – Established UAB „Arginta“.
  • Year 1995 –Wastewater treatment and water treatment activities have been started: instalation of technological equipment at Vilnius WWTP.
    • Year 2002 m. – started to provide engineering consultancy in the field of water management.
    • Year 2003 m. – started to implement water sector engineering infrastructure improvement and development projects in rural areas.
    • Year 2004 m. – started to implement urban water and wastewater construction projects.
    • Year 2004 m. - started to provide design and expertise services in the environmental field.
    • Year 2005 m. – started to provide environmental investment projects management and technical support services to the final beneficiaries.
    • Year 2005 m. – started to provide WWTPs (Wastewater treatment plants) equipment maintenance and repair services.
    • Year 2008 m. – was established the Innovation department, providing solar and wind energy projects implementation.
    • Year 2010 m. – started to implement municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge treatment construction projects.
    • Year 2012 m. – designed wastewater treatment plant, based on sequential biological treatment technology.
    • Year 2012 m. – start to implement municipal water and wastewater treatment plant construction projects in foreign countries.
    • Year 2012 m. – started engineering consultancy in the field of water management in foreign countries.