Arginta Investment / About us

Private limited company Arginta Investment belongs to Arginta Group. The company was set up on 2 July 2012 after the reorganization of UAB Arginta by way of division. Arginta Investment has taken over the entire real estate management of the companies of the group and it renders administration, accounting, human resource accounting, as well as financial management services to these companies. The staff consists of 10 people.

Arginta Investment has been certified in accordance with the Quality Management System Standard LST EN ISO 9001.

  • 1991 – UAB Arginta is set up
  • 2000 – Premises (297 square meters), acquired at Ateities str. 10B, Vilnius, become the head office of the company
  • 2001 – Workshop (1569 square meters) is opened at Mokslininku str. 11B-2, Vilnius
  • 2007 – Head office of the company is moved to a new building at Moletu road 71, Vilnius. Office and workshop, occupying 3 floors, is situated in a new building (6134 square meters) under one roof
  • 2009 – The company expands – builds the industrial building (2541 square meters) at Moletu road 73, Vilnius
  • 2010 – 3-floor annex including the administration premises (2066 square meters) for the development of lease activities is built aside a new industrial building
  • 2012 – After the reorganization the assets are managed by Arginta Investment